Warranty activation

This form will validate the warranty for Nortek instruments

This form validates the warranty for your Nortek instrument.  Please fill it in as best you can and then click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.  When submitted, this form will be sent to Nortek and your warranty will be registered.  If you ever have to contact Nortek for repairs or a claim under the warranty, the information submitted will be used to validate the warranty claim.

Please enter the purchase order number that you received on your order confirmation from Nortek. This number is usually found on the label of your instrument. If you cannot find the purchase order number, please use the instrument serial number
When did you receive the instrument(s)
Please let us know when you received the instrument(s) (if you don't know the exact date, please use an approximate date)
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Please let us know if your immediate impression upon receiving the instrument

In 12 months,  we will send you an email that will request that you fill in a follow-up questionaire.  This is part of our internal QA system and is intended to assist us in our effortS to continually improve the quality of our instruments.

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