Warranty extension

This is a follow-up of the warranty activation form

Please provide us feedback by filling in and submitting the survey below.  We need your input!

Please enter the purchase order number that you received on your order confirmation from Nortek. This number is usually found on the label of your instrument. If you cannot find the purchase order number, please use the instrument serial number
When did you receive the instrument(s)
Please let us know when you received the instrument(s) (if you don't know the exact date, please use an approximate date)
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Please let us know if the instrument has not collected data as anticipated or if you have encountered any electronics or mechanical issues
Please let us know if you believe we could do improve the product or software in some way
Click the checkbox to receive a quote. We provide extended warrant for most producst. Extended warranties are issued for periods of 1 year and cover instrument malfunction that is attributable to electronics failure, manufacturing processes or design errors.

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill in this survey,  We will try to put the information to good use in our continuous effort to improve the quality of Nortek instruments.

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