Returning Items for Repair

This page provides important information if you need to return your Nortek instrument for repair. Please read the instructions below carefully, in particular with regard to meeting your local customs regulations covering the import and export of goods for repair.

RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization.

Before any product is returned for repair you must have obtained a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) in writing from Nortek AS.

An RMA can be obtained using our e-mail address:

Proforma Invoice

You must complete a proforma invoice, include all the information requested and ensure that it is correct. You can provide your own, or download a copy of ours here.

Make sure you include a copy of all shipping and export documents with the proforma invoice inside the freight box.


Note that freight insurance on repairs is not covered by Nortek. You must make sure your goods are properly insured before shipping to Nortek AS. We will not be held responsible if the instrument is damaged or lost while being shipped to Nortek for repair. Similarly, Nortek will not be held responsible for consequential damages as a result of instruments becoming damaged or lost while being shipped to Nortek for repair.

Nortek will always insure instruments returned to a customer after service or repair. You will be invoiced  the cost of this insurance along with other charges relating to the repair and shipping costs.

If the instrument is repaired under warranty Nortek will cover all return shipping and insurance costs.

Customs regulations

The regulations and requirements covering the export and re-import of items sent for repair will vary from country to country, and in the past some of our customers have experienced problems because they failed to provide the correct documentation. If these matters are not handled correctly, you may be charged for import duties and taxes a second time when your instrument is returned to you.

We at Nortek must meet our own country's regulations when taking instruments for repair and when returning them. This may not be enough for your country.

We strongly suggest that you as part of your own procedures for handling any returns, check with your customs authorities as to what information, documents etc.. they need from you and from us. You should then inform us of what you need by e-mail, fax or mail. We will do all we can to help you.

Lithium batteries

Lithium and Lithium Ion batteries are dangerous goods and are strictly prohibited to ship as ordinary goods. Please do not include such batteries when returning an instrument. If they are included you will not get them back because of rules regarding dangerous goods shipment.


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