Vectrino Profiler

The Vectrino Profiler is a profiling Velocimeter that can measure the 3D velocity at rates up to 100 Hz. It is primarily designed for laboratory use but has successfully found use also in field applications such as swash velocity measurements on the beach. The basic measurement technology is coherent Doppler processing, which is characterized by accurate data at high rates with no appreciable zero offset.



Profiling Capability

The new Vectrino Profiler provides outstanding opportunities for high resolution observations of boundary layer dynamics and turbulence in the lab and the field.  With the ability to profile three-component velocity (U,V,W) over a vertical range of 3 cm, with a resolution of 1 mm, and sampling rate of 100 Hz, the Vectrino Profiler allows new insight for a wide range of scientific studies.


New Hardware, Firmware & Software!

The Vectrino Profiler comes with completely new electronics, firmware, and software.  For the firmware, adaptive pinging schemes have been added to  minimize the effect of "weak spots" in the current profile. The new interface software provides enhanced capabilities such as real-time contour plots and energy spectra.  The mechanical design was ported from the successful Vectrino single-point system and minimizes the flow interference from the probe onto the velocity profile.  Because the Vectrino Profiler uses the same pressure housing and probes as the standard Vectrino, it can be easily integrated into your existing mechanical clamps and jigs.


Interleaved Bottom Detection

The new firmware allows 10 Hz bottom distance measurements to be interleaved with the high resolution velocity profile.  The simultaneous measurement of velocity and bottom position makes the Vectrino Profiler an ideal instrument for measuring flow over clay, silt and sand.  It also simplifies the data analyses by allowing all the velocity data points to be referenced to the bottom position.


New Vectrino capabilities:

  • Bottom boundary studies
  • Moving bed studies
  • Turbulence studiesnull
  • Real time profiles
  • Real time contour plots
  • Real time energy spectra
  • Real time mean and standard deviation
  • Real time interleaved bottom check
  • Adaptive ping rates to reduce weak-spot interference
  • Matlab output in structured array (.mat)
  • High-speed RS-422 communications
  • Cable length up to 100 m available

Key specifications:

  • Max velocity range: +/- 3 m/s
  • Max sampling rate: 100 Hz
  • Max rate for distance measurements: 10 Hz

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