QuickWave is Nortek's non-graphical, wave processing software. The software accepts raw data files from the Aquadopp current meter, Aquadopp Profiler, Vector, and The AWAC, and produces standard wave estimates of height, period, and direction.

QuickWave smallThe QuickWave software (formerly known under the name of WaveExtract) takes your Aquadopp, Vector, Aquadopp Profiler, or AWAC data and calculates the standard wave estimates as well as energy spectra and directional spectra.

For the Aquadopp, Vector, and Aquadopp profiler, the processing is done using the PUV method. This means the pressure is used to estimate non-directional estimates (height and period), and the combination of the pressure and the two horizontal velocity components U and V are used to calculate the wave direction.

AWAC data differs since measurements are made near the surface and most often include the Acoustic Surface Tracking (AST). This type of data requires the use of either an array type of processing (MLM) or a triplet type of processing called the SUV.

The QuickWave software has a simple text-based interface. It reads the data file you have collected, checks the quality of the data, and generates a new ASCII file with the wave parameters. It also generates a separate file for the wave spectra so you have the opportunity to study the underlying physics in more detail. Since there is no graphical presentation of the results, it represents Nortek’s simplest solution to post processing of wave data. The only input required is the name of the file to be processed and the distance from the mounted instrument to the bottom.

A demonstration version of the program is available. This program comes with an Aquadopp profiler data file and it gives you an idea of the program output and functions.


Download QuickWave demo version here.


System requirements

Any PC running Windows® 2000 or later.