SeaState is the online software offered by Nortek for coastal monitoring of currents and waves using Nortek instruments. The software will collect, process, record and display both current and wave data in real time.

SeaState II smallSeaState 2.0 is the Nortek online software for the AWAC, Aquadopp profiler and Continental. The instrument can transmit raw or processed data to shore if it is connected via cable or a suitable data modem. The SeaState Software serves as a data collection system for all your wave and current data.

The Windows software will collect, process, record and display data as a series of graphical images that are suitable both for engineering and scientific applications. The program accepts both raw and processed wave data so it can be used with AWACs both with and without the internal Ā«ProLogĀ» processor.

SeaState uses the standard deployment software to configure the instrument and initiate data collection. It is designed to be used in configurations where there is two-way communication.
The SeaState software is easy to use and provides export capabilities to data files and image formats. All images and files can be exported to an ftp location automatically, which allows for easy web integration.

Download SeaState 2.0 demo version here.

System requirements

Any PC running Windows XP and later.