The Signature250 is an ideal, cost-efficient instrument for users looking for long range current profiling and directional waves, but without the need for the full 1000 meter range of its big brother – the Signature55.

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The aptly named Signature250 has a frequency of 250 kHz with a profiling range of 200 meters. It is capable of measuring directional waves, ice thickness and ice drift from up-looking installations of up to 150 meters depth.

This 250 kHz frequency, true broadband instrument brings you a host of features and benefits carefully developed around the needs of the scientists and engineers working both within academia and in the offshore industry. 

It has been designed with a broad range of applications in mind: Nortek has built a rugged, robust system optimized for operational users, while also offering innovation in data investigation capabilities and accuracy to scientific researchers.

The system is ideal for investigating:

  • Ocean circulation, including boundary currents, inter-basin exchange and transport in and out of the polar seas
  • Deep water wave climate
  • Ice thickness and drift velocity


Just like the rest of the Signature series products, the Signature250 brings you the convenience of:

  • Smaller size and lighter weight. The instrument weighs only 1,5 kg in water (18,5 kg in air) without batteries and the height is less than 55 cm.
  • Hard-iron calibration in post-processing. Calibrate data for hard-iron effects around the sensor platform during post-processing.
  • Ethernet Interface. Download one GB in 6 minutes! Connect directly to your in-house network.
  • Meticulous QC. Single ping data may be stored.
  • True Broadband technology. Reduced power consumption by a factor of 10-30 compared to more traditional systems.
  • Concurrent and alternate sampling schemes. Powered by the patented AD2CP platform (US Patent 7,911,880), concurrent and alternate sampling schemes are available for maximum flexibility.
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