2D Horizontal Profiler

Featuring all non-corrosive materials and compact transducer head for piling or seawall mounting, the Nortek 2D Horizontal current profiler is an ideal choice for port and harbor installations requiring real-time monitoring for navigational safety.


The Nortek 2D Horizontal profiler has been upgraded to midlife electronics and houses an expandable recorder for stand-alone measurements, as well as compatibility with the Nortek Autonomous Online System (AOS) for turn-key online installations.

The instrument is ideal for real-time monitoring solutions, particularly in ports and harbors and is capable of measuring up to 100m across channels. Some key features of the system, which make it suitable for real-time monitoring are:

  • Large transducers for narrower beam spread, which reduces interference from the surface or channel bottom and maximizes range.
  • A compact transducer head design with optional external back-up battery canister.
  • Entirely non-corrosive materials for rugged durability in long-term continuously deployed online coastal installations.
  • Meticulously developed online components, such as titanium connectors and a tough polyurethane cable.
  • Achievable longer maintenance intervals with anti-fouling paing and regulated power supplies.
  • Easily integrated into larger sensor networks and data collection platforms.
  • Compatibility with Nortek's AOS network for instant online data access.

Nortek's 2D horizontal current profilers have underwent testing by the United States National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and have been approved to meet their data quality standards for use in PORTS® installations.