Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)

Nortek makes several different model series of acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCP). Each model series is targeted for specific applications, ranging from very shallow estuaries to long-range current profiling in the open ocean.

Aquadopp current profiler (1 MHz) ready to go on the beach

The Aquadopp Profiler is a small and lightweight profiler for use in the coastal ocean to profile ranges from 1 to 100 m. This profiler can optionally be delivered with special, "HR" firmware. In HR mode, the instrument is capable of measuring at high frequency (>1 Hz) and with high spatial resolution over short profiling ranges.

The Aquadopp Profiler comes in a variety of mechanical configurations.

The Signature55 is Nortek's latest generation, long-range current profiler, featuring a specified range of 1000m.

Product Quick Links:

Aquadopp Profiler

Aquadopp Profiler - High resolution

Signature55 - Long range current profiler

Signature1000 | Signature500

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