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1. AWAC in concert with fish

This photograph shows a prototype AWAC installed in TaiChung harbor. The system is installed at a depth of 15 m on top of a 2-ton concrete frame. During the first year of deployment the peak significant wave height in the area was about 7 m while the peak currents exceeded 1.5 m/s.


Alex Hong, Winsquare. Taiwan

2. Aquadopp Profiler used as wave guage


Photo of Aquadopp Profiler used as wave gage deployed offshore Sebastian Inlet (E coast of Florida), water depth 8m, gage depth 6m, offshore distance 300m.





Lee Harris, Florida Institute of Technology

3. AWAC going down

AlexHong3This picture, taken in the summer of 2001, shows a standard AWAC during a test deployment in Hwa Lien harbor off the West Coast of Taiwan. The system is now deployed in 35 m of water and connected to shore cable with a 3500 m long cable.

Alex Hong, Winsquare. Taiwan

DavidOrders44. Aquadopp deployment

The Aquadopp was mounted head down in an Ocean Science Aquafin, below an RDI Workhorse Sentinel mounted in an Open Seas SUBS A2. An EdgeTech AMTR200 Acoustic Release completes the mooring.

David A. Orders. USA

5. World championship in NDPs

AndreDolle5 The ship is on its way to deploy 4 NDPs outside Boulougne, France as a part of a project for French Oil company Elf to establish an oil terminal in the area. An Aquadopp deployed for test purposes can bee seen on one of the NDP frames.

Andre Dolle, Thetis, France

BartSpelt66. Where is the Aquadopp?

This Aquadopp was used in the project "Case Study Petten" where it was deployed for one year in 2 m of water about 400 m off the Dutch coast. The Aquadopp was mounted on a pole, facing downward and the data were transmitted over a radio link. As strange as it may seem, the Aquadopp continued to provide reliable data even in the overgrown state displayed in the first picture.

Can you see where the Aquadopp is?

Bart Spelt, Rijkswaterstaat
Directorat Noord-Holland
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