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AWAC *.wst file

Posted by Darshani Thotagamuwage at August 01. 2017


I exported the AST time series (wst file) from AWAC processed data. Here is a part of it for example;

01 01   5.280   5.625

01 02   5.332   5.625

01 03   5.272   5.581

01 04   5.256   5.581

01 05   5.263   5.574

01 06   5.353   5.574

01 07   5.308   5.588

1st column-burst number

2nd column-burst counter

I don't understand what actually given by the last two columns. Which one is the AST? I presume it is the 3rd one. Is the last one Pressure, since it gives one value for two different ASTs? Please explain.

Thank you very much


Re: AWAC *.wst file

Posted by Elin Bondevik at August 09. 2017

Hi Darshani,

Your suggestion is correct; here is the description of the .wst file (which you will also find in the .whr - wave header file)

AST Time Series (pressure - PUV):

 Burst 1  Sample 1   AST distance (meter)  Pressure (dBar)

Best regards,

Re: AWAC *.wst file

Posted by Darshani Thotagamuwage at August 10. 2017

Hi Elin,

Thank you for the reply. Actually the .whr (wave header file) file I've got does not mention of a 4th column, that is why I get confused. It looks like this;


AST Time Series:

 Burst 1  Sample 1   AST distance (meter)

 Burst 1  Sample 2   AST distance (meter)

 Burst 1  Sample n   AST distance (meter)


Another thing; 

Is this AST time series the same as AST or AST Corr that is shown in Strom wave burst data plots? (see attached). 

thank you and kind regards



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