Sync Vectrino Plus and Vectrino Profiler

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Sync Vectrino Plus and Vectrino Profiler

Posted by Alessandro Petrotta at November 07. 2017


I am trying to syncronize a Vectrino Plus and a Vectrino Profiler. Is it possible to use the standard software of Vectrino Profiler or Plus? Or do I need to use the PolySync software? In this case, I tried to use the serial number that is on the body of Vectrino Plus but it did not work. Could you please help me?




Carmelo Petrotta

Re: Sync Vectrino Plus and Vectrino Profiler

Posted by Robert Craig at November 07. 2017

Hi Carmello:

   The Vectrino Profiler will only work with the software that it came with.  It won't work with the Plus software or Polysync.  Lkewise with the Vectrino Plus.  I think that what you need to do is run each instrument with it's own software package and connect the SYNC wires appropriately.  If you set up the Vectino Plus to act as the master and the Vectrino Profiler to act as the slave and start collection on the Vectrino Profiler software before you start it on the Vectrino Plus software, then that should work.  I haven't actually tried this, so I can't guarantee that it will work, but that's something to start with.

       Robert Craig.

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