Data structures of Vectrino Plus

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Data structures of Vectrino Plus

Posted by Rafael Reiss at August 10. 2017

Hello everyone,

we are trying to control a Aquadopp HR and a Vectrino Plus using a Raspberry Pi.

Basically we have a C++ script that opens the Serial Port and allows us to send different commands (Character or Binary) while "listening" to the port.

The received binary data is parsed following the rules of the System Integrator Manual (e.g. A5 05 ... for Hardware Configuration) and written to a file.

The binary file containing a complete set of information (e.g. Hardware Config, Head Config, User Config, AquadoppHR Profiler Data) is converted using the original AquadoppHR/VectrinoPlus Windows software.


An actual measurement sequence looks like this:

1) open port and start "listening"

2) send break ("@@@@@@", "K1W%!Q")

3) set clock of instrument to system clock (53 43 ... )

4) set configuration (.dep file generated using the original Windows software)

5) inquire Hardware Config ("GP"), Head Config ("GH") and User Config ("GC")

6) start measurement (e.g. "AD"  or "ST")


This procedure including the data conversion works perfectly fine for the AquadoppHR.

However, for the VectrinoPlus I do not manage to set the internal clock correctly (sending binary 53 43 ...).

I noticed that there is a 26 byte data structure of type "A5 0F ..." in the binary file generated when using the original Windows software. The bytes 5-10 of this structure seem to contain the time information, but I have no idea what the rest is.


I was wondering if there is a way to incquire the "A5 0F..." data from the instrument or if it is generated by the Windows software?

How would one set the VectrinoPlus clock properly in the setup described above.




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