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Re: Correlation with HR ADPs

Posted by stephen monismith at January 29. 2017

I was given some  upward looking HR velocity data acquired in Palau that looked pretty poor, likely because the free surface got too close to the instrument relative to what was assumed when it was programmed. In trying to salvage the data, it would be useful t have a sense of what correlation might be "good enough" for the data to be considered usable. So any suggestions? I saw in one note that PJ Rusello had written that he had used 40%. I tried cutting the data at 50% (see attached) and it still had some pretty funky elements.. 


Stephen Monismith

ps: For the attached file (in case it is helpful) here is the info from the .hdr file.


User setup


Measurement/Burst interval            4 sec

Cell size                             30 mm

Orientation                           UPLOOKING SHALLOW WATER

Distance to surface                   2.00 m

Extended velocity range               OFF

Pulse distance (Lag1)                 1.39 m

Pulse distance (Lag2)                 0.00 m

Profile range                         1.26 m

Horizontal velocity range             0.22 m/s

Vertical velocity range               0.09 m/s

Number of cells                       42

Average interval                      1 sec

Blanking distance                     0.096 m

Measurement load                      83 %

Burst sampling                        OFF

Samples per burst                     N/A

Sampling rate                         N/A

Compass update rate                   1 sec

Analog input 1                        NONE

Analog input 2                        NONE

Power output                          DISABLED

Powerlevel first ping                 HIGH-

Powerlevel ping 2                     HIGH

Coordinate system                     ENU

Sound speed                           MEASURED

Salinity                              35.0 ppt

Number of beams                       3

Number of pings per burst             34

Software version                      1.11.03


Re: Correlation with HR ADPs

Posted by Elin Bondevik at February 02. 2017

Hi Stephen, 

Since you have already found our general tip, I think the next step forward is for us to take a closer look at your data. If you do not mind sharing them, please send an email to with information on where we can download them (or if you want access to our ftp site) and we'll take it from there.

Best regards

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