Replacement USB-RS422 converter for VectrinoII

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Replacement USB-RS422 converter for VectrinoII

Posted by Dhanushka Kularatne at May 15. 2017


The USB-RSS422 converter that came with our vectrinoII profiler broke down. One of the pins on the usb connector had broken off from the circuit inside the converter.

We tried using an off the shelf USB-RS422 converters instead. However, the profiler is not being detected with this converter.

The Altronix AL310 converter thats shipped with the profiler is not commercially available and Nortek does not sell them as separate units.

Has anyone else faced this problem and if so what was your solution. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Re: Replacement USB-RS422 converter for VectrinoII

Posted by Robert Craig at May 15. 2017


   We've seen a few people use other USB-RS422 converters successfully.  The only problem that we've seen relates to the pin-out.  The connectors aren't standardized so you have to make sure that you properly connect Rx/Tx (see, for example, 

    If you let me know what kind of converter that you're using, I might be able to at least recommend what the connections should be.

            Robert Craig.

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