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Re: Corrosion on connector

Posted by Fabien Perault at September 15. 2017


In 2013, I changed a connector on an Aquadopp, because after a cruise it was very corroded.
I deployed it again in 2014 to recover it in june 2017. This new connector is corroded too.

Is there a way to test the continuity between the electronique board and the pin's connector (like somes test points) ?
I suspect a leak current somewhere and I would like to find it myself.

Thank you.



Re: Corrosion on connector

Posted by Cees Meijer at September 22. 2017

Hi Fabien,

From your photo I can see the connector itself is pretty much OK. Although the outside is covered with this layer that looks like metal oxide the actual pins are clean and seem unaffected. If you want to check for possible leak currents you should remove the endcap from the instrument and disconnect the internal connector from the PCB. Then you can use a high voltage megaohm meter ('Megger') to check the ohms resistance between each individual pin. Note that you probably should do this after you left the instrument in the water for 24 hours so the rubber of the connector is really wet (with a cable or dummy connector attached so the contacts are not in the water) .

Best regards,

Cees Meijer

Nortek BV

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