Signature 500 amplitude and correlation

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Signature 500 amplitude and correlation

Posted by Cary Troy at July 11. 2017

Hey Nortek,

Do you have any recommendations for choosing amplitude and correlation cutoffs? I'm working on analyzing the first data set we've collected with a Signature 500, and I'm trying to set some parameters for defining "good" data.

I saw that the manual suggests a 50% correlation cutoff, but I couldn't find any information on the amplitude.


Re: Signature 500 amplitude and correlation

Posted by Magnus Gr√łtterud at July 12. 2017

Hi David,

Typically the 50% correlation cutoff is simpler to deal with and will trigger before the amplitude threshold. However, we recommend signal strength at minimum 3dB above the noise floor. The noise floor can be determined by finding which value the amplitude profile asymptotically approaches. The Signature Principles manual also contains lots of good info on these parameters and QA/QC.

Best regards,


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