Aquadopp for vehicle speed

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Aquadopp for vehicle speed

Posted by brodsky at July 05. 2017

I am mounting a 1 MHz Aquadopp unit on an underwater tow sled to determine speed through the water.  I do not need profiles, but just the unit bulk velocity (in X,Y,Z).

Trying to determine how to configure the ADCP.  I could specify a number of cells, then average the values in each cell (in X,Y,Z).  Or would I be better off specifying one large cell and letting the device average across that for me?

Thank You.


Re: Aquadopp for vehicle speed

Posted by Elin Bondevik at July 11. 2017

Hi Brodsky,

Check out this forum posting: 
It contains a discussion around cell size and blanking, I am sure you will find it useful. Keep asking if there should be any uncertainties though!


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